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Long Night's Journey into Day

Artist Song
The Darkness  One Way Ticket (To Hell and Back)  
The Faces  Stay With Me  
Cream  Outside Woman Blues  
Deep Purple  Never Before  
Osker  Strangled  
Eric Clapton  Before You Accuse Me  
Alice Cooper  No More Mr. Nice Guy  
Led Zeppelin  Communication Breakdown  
Neil Young & Crazy Horse  Drive Back  
Bob Dylan  Don't Think Twice, It's All Right  
Husker Du  Don't Try to Call  
Aerosmith  Sick as a Dog  
Velvet Underground  Sweet Jane  


A bit of a prequel to "Fear and Loathing in Milwaukee" - this night occured two weeks earlier. All the characters and key players were the same, except for Ryan. This time, though, we did have booze to drink; which simultaneously eased my mind *and* gave me one hell of a hangover (Sick As a Dog). As Becca and Amanda's tongues loosened up, though, the anguish ensued (Before You Accuse Me, Strangled). I took them to a party; they hated it and wanted to leave right away, I grudgingly left with them and grit my teeth in frustration though the rest of night (Drive Back) and into the morning. Becca left first thing, but Amanda stayed around, much to my dismay. "Sweet Jane" is an ironic play on her middle name. She left later that day, after much inane jabbering and aborted conversation. And in two weeks the two girls came back for another round of idiocy. Weee.