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CD | Theme - Romantic
CD | Theme - Romantic
CD | Theme - Romantic
CD | Theme - Romantic

I wish no chains upon you.

Artist Song
Death Cab For Cutie  Title Track 
Aloha  I Wish No Chains Upon You 
Jenny Lewis  You Are What You Love 
Nico  These Days 
Neko Case  Look For Me (I'll Be Around) 
Okkervil River  Happy Hearts 
Ani DiFranco  Both Hands 
Elliott Smith  A Song About You 
Azure Ray  November 
Feist  Let It Die 
Emiliana Torrini  If You Go Away 
Neutral Milk Hotel  Where You'll Find Me Now 
Beulah  I'll Be Your Lampshade 
The Beatles  You've Got To Hide Your Love Away 
Her Space Holiday  Home Is Where You Hang Yourself 
Le Tigre  Sixteen 
Magnetic Fields  All My Little Words 
The Microphones  I Felt Your Shape 
The Decemberists  Of Angels and Angles 
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Maps  


I fell for a boy. I already have one. He fell for me. He can't have me. I want him. He wants me. But he can't.

So, drama.

He told me a few nights ago that we can't keep our relationship going because of the fact I'm attached. And he might be pursuing someone else who is unattached. I'm selfish.


anthony lombardi
Date: 8/9/2006
they say pain inspires great art, & if this mix is any indication, that phrase holds up. this is excellent, your theme really works throughout & makes a cohesive flow. stellar picks from a variety of different bands - nmh, the beatles, beulah, death cab & elliott smith among the best of them
Date: 8/9/2006
I feel you on this one.
Date: 8/9/2006
the mix looks awesome. your situation does not. and yes, maybe you really are selfish. but then again, maybe you are not.
Professor Poserlad
Date: 8/9/2006
oh, heart infidelity, delightful! that sums up my high school years, specifically junior year and senior year, pretty well. her space holiday, cool.
Date: 8/9/2006
eeeeeeeep. good mix.