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Fury hats.

Artist Song
nirvana  lounge act 
the postal service  the district sleeps alone tonight 
placebo  teenage angst 
pearl jam  animal 
peaches  tent in your pants 
lifter puller  rock for lite brite 
nofx  brain constipation 
pavement  texas never whispers 
weird al yankovic  it's all about the pentiums 
bad brains  how low can a punk get? 
juliana hatfield  down on me 
johnny cash  sea of heartbreak 
faith no more  the morning after 
dance hall crashers  state of mind 
cake  meanwhile, rick james... 
M.I.A.  10 dollar 
nirvana  dive 
elliott smith  single file 
blind melon  paper scratcher 
son volt  medicine hat 
rainer maria  the imperatives 
shudder to think  ballad of maxwell demon 
stone temple pilots  seven caged tigers 


all old friends to sit in my car and sing songs of traffic and gray office cubes, a 1950's sitcom rubix cube. "one day i will escape" i tell myself. with thanks for sarah to help name names.


anthony lombardi
Date: 8/11/2006
wow, lots of excellent songs here! "lounge act" is one of my favorites - if not, my absolute favorite - off nevermind. very underrated STP song too (they, as a band, are totally underrated as well). this is full of highlights, entirely too many to name individually - very nice