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I Want to Cry...

Artist Song
Negativland  "Track 10" 
Advent Sleep  "Sleep" 
COIL  "Ether" 
Einsturzende Neubauten  "Beauty" 
Rudjak Manigz  "SingKingHeart" 
My Bloody Valentine  "Lose My Breath" 
Daniel Ash  "Trouble" 
John Cage  "Prelude for Tion" 
Bauhaus  "Party of the First Part" 
David J  "Party's Over" 
Nick Drake  "River Man" 
Yo La Tengo  "Tears Are in Your Eyes" 
Hans Zimmer  "Stars at Dawn" 
Closedown  "Bliss" 
Creatures  "Don't Go To Sleep Without Me" 
Anita Kelsey  "Sway" 
Sun City Girls  "A Bad Dream" 


This mix is yet another attempt to soothe my eternally at battle psyche. I am a firm believer in musical catharsis, and this mixCD is the epitome of a back massage, bath, and someone in my ear saying, "it'll be alright". I like this a lot. The songs mesh well, and sometimes I deny myself sleep to listen to it one more time all the way through. I am pathetic.


Date: 3/30/2001
I haven't heard any of those songs before.. but from your comments, they sound beautiful...
Date: 4/7/2001
/me gives john a hug
Date: 8/19/2001
nick drake's "riverman" would be enough to sooth every pain if listened to long enough by candlelight.. not pathetic, sleepdeprived.. and it will be alright "For I know my head will surely rest when i put it to sleep for the night, tomorrow the sun will shine and i will be woken by it's light, when the sky is pink and yet to turn blue, i'll sense within and feel the truth, once i make it through this fight, i know everything will be alright."