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MP3 Playlist | Theme - Narrative
MP3 Playlist | Theme - Narrative
MP3 Playlist | Theme - Narrative

Only Liars and Thieves... (aka HATE)

Artist Song
New Order  Age Of Consent 
Belle & Sebastian  I Don't Love Anyone 
Wilco  Via Chicago 
Adam Green  Hard To Be A Girl 
The Thrills  One Horse Town 
The Zutons  Long Time Coming 
Phantom Planet  Big Brat 
Weezer  Why Bother 
The Strokes  I Can't Win 
Maxemo Park  Limassol 
Franz Ferdinand  You're The Reason I'm Leaving 
The Strokes  Heart In A Cage 
The White Stripes  Expecting 
PJ Harvey  Who The Fuck? 
The Smiths  Bigmouth Strikes Again 
The Pixies  Hey 
Echo & The Bunnymen  The Killing Moon 
Cat Power  Werewolf 



Ruth B
Date: 8/19/2006
A really good mix! Except for the Smiths, but I can easily forgive that because of the great songs (especially from PJ Harvey, The Pixies and Weezer).
Date: 8/19/2006
Nice one.
Rebel Princess
Date: 1/20/2008
I actually get tears in my eyes when I hear that Strokes track. I think it the desperation I detect in Mr. Casablancas's voice. It's gorgeous.