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In The Low Nineties

Artist Song
Urge Overkill  Sister Havana 
Tori Amos  Cornflake Girl 
Nirvana  Sliver 
The Breeders  Cannonball 
Soundgarden  Rusty Cage 
Depeche Mode  In Your Room [Single] 
PJ Harvey  Sheela Na Gig 
Portishead  Glory Box 
The Offspring  Self-Esteem 
Stone Temple Pilots  Plush 
Blind Melon  No Rain 
Smashing Pumpkins  Cherub Rock 
Ministry  Jesus Built My Hotrod 
Oasis  Live Forever 
New Order  True Faith - 94 
Pearl Jam  Jeremy 
Jeff Buckley  Last Goodbye 


The idea behind this was to make a CD of some of the classic music from the early 1990s, that still makes me think of that time when I listen to it.