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Cracked Sleeve Spines and You: A Guide to Misusing Vinyl

Artist Song
Buena Vista Social Club  Viente A±os 
Nouvelle Vague  This Is Not a Love Song 
Babel Gilberto  Samba da Bencao 
The Smiths  Asleep 
Chet Baker  Almost Blue 
Calexico  Chach 
Goldfrapp  Forever 
Mos Def  Umi Says 
Rufus Wainwright  This Love Affair 
My Bloody Valentine  All I Need 
Napalm Death  Parasites 
Pixies  Cactus 
Django Reinhardt  Time on My Hands 


I sincerly apologize for any syrupy content in advance.

What can I say? I broke up with my girlfriend of almost 2 years last month. I can't say I really feel heartbroken, but I do feel exceptionally lonely. I find myself doing nothing during the long expanses of time we would've spent together. I'm up all night every night and that doesn't help much either.

I just sort of tacked this together off the top of my head with nothing better to do with 3 pack of $0.80 cassettes. It's in CD format because as of right now it only takes up 45 minutes on side A of a 120 minute tape--I really didn't have the energy to flip the tape over or bother digging through my Serge Gainsbourg records. Maybe later? Sure.


Ruth B
Date: 8/25/2006
Break ups suck.
A really good mix for a break up. I love the Rufus and Pixies tracks.