daisy chains & maryjanes [suburban gothic #7]

Side A
Artist Song
trailer bride  silk hope road 
tom waits  everything goes to hell 
victory at sea  games 
the world/inferno friendship society  i wouldn't want to live in a world without grudges [live] 
poe  not a virgin 
radiohead  a punchup at a wedding 
belle &sebastian  get me away from here, i'm dying 
tom waits  9th &hennepin 
the dead milkmen  bitchin' camaro 
cyndi lauper  money changes everything 
the faint  agenda suicide 
pj harvey  working for the man 
the smiths  heaven knows i'm miserable now 
death cab for cutie  the sound of settling 
tom waits  god's away on business 
the paper chase  paperwork 
Side B
the cure  one hundred years 
john parish &polly jean harvey  is that all there is? 
the clash  career opportunities 
tom waits  starving in the belly of the whale 
the world/inferno friendship society  friend to the friendless 
the magnolia electric co.  almost was good enough [live] 
betty buckley  pirate jenny [live] 
jenny lewis &the watson twins  rise up with fists!! 
the dresden dolls  backstabber 
sixteen horsepower  black soul choir [live] 
neko case  hold on, hold on 
belle &sebastian  sleep the clock around 


110 minutes. this is the companion piece to the seventh issue of my perzine, suburban gothic. this issue chronicles the events of the past year and a half of my life, including but not limited to: graduating from college, [mis]adventures on several road trips, getting my first real adult job, then getting laid off three months later, service industry hell, moving twice in five months, trying to go back to school for something practical and pretty much failing miserably, existential angst aplenty, and the process of losing "friends" along the way. it's the "growing up" issue, about changes and stagnation. this mixtape tells the story in what i was listening to at the time and what i identified with through lyrics, the songs and albums that kept me going. that's why i call it a "narrative" mix. title comes from the poe song on side a. if you're interested in seeing the zine, gimme a holla. it's not quite done yet but it will be soon. ps: i know the mix is a little heavy on the tom waits, and i would apologize for that except that a) that really is the bulk of what i've been listening to for the past year and a half, and 2) it's tom fucking waits, c'mon now!