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must be ready for September

Artist Song
Ching Chong Song  Start yr Engines  
Animal Collective  Grass 
Sigur Ros  Josef Tekur Fimmuna i Vinnuna 
Xiu Xiu  Sad Pony Girl 
Liars  Hold Hands & It Will Happen Anyway 
Smashing Pumpkins  Isolation 
Broken Social Scene  Ibi Dreams of Pavement (a Better Day) 
DeVotchKa  You Love Me  
Appleseed Cast  Woodland Hunter pt.1 
For Stars  Bleu 
Elliott Smith  I Don't Think I'm Ever Going to Figure It Out 
Grain Blanc  Ambient Gallerie 1  
M·m  Green Grass of Tunnel 
anon  untitled 
Coco  Perfume 
The Eraser  The Eraser 
Reverie Sound Revue  Walking Around Waiting Downtown 
Junior Senior  White Trash 
Joel Stewart  Mawnan Waltz 
Jarcrew  Destructor/Creator 
Lucky Dragons  Resurrect Dead on Planet Jupiter  
Hymie's Basement  Ben & Joey 
Pixies  Crackity Jones 
Lightning Bolt  Captain Caveman 
The Robot Ate Me  The Genocide Ball 


I think the Elliott Smith song is a Beach Boys cover(?) I downloaded it from some music blog and have a memory of reading that, I don't know.
14th is the 8th track from a warp records CD that came with a DVD of music videos. I cannae find any info on it.
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Music Man
Date: 9/4/2006
I like this one. Nice job.
French Connection
Date: 9/4/2006
Hey JB recognise much of myself in your profile statement; don't worry just hang on to life & enjoy the ride, smile & keep em guessing. if that don't work just remember, 1)"Life is just a bowl of all-bran -Small Faces.2)The kids of today are the goats of tomorrow. = 2 maxims that have got mre thus far, mind you folks around here would warn you, listen not to the French dweller, ho hum etc. Where was I, Oh yeh it's a music site is it not, much to like here, apologieqs for missing your fine submissions before I'll be looking for more.
Date: 9/4/2006
just spent 10 minutes reading your extensive profile (I'm also a slow reader). you seem a bit overly focused on yourself; you should get a volunteer job at a nursing home, it'll change your life. that's a great Pixies song.