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Songs for the Hospital

Artist Song
Rise Against  Swing Life Away 
The Police   Message In a Bottle (Live) 
Michael Andrews/Gary Jules  Mad World (Tears for Fears cover) 
Me First and the Gimme Gimmies  Sloop John B. (Beach Boys cover) 
Led Zeppelin  Good Times Bad Times 
Joey Ramone  What a Wonderful World (Louie Armstong cover) 
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros  X-Ray Style 
The Jam  Man in the Corner Shop 
Bruce Springsten & The E Streeet Band  This Land is Your Land (Woodie Guthrie (sp?)) (Live) 
Bob Dylan   Mr. Tambourine Man 
Bad Religion  Sorrow 
? & The Mysterians  96 Tears 
Greg Graffin (as American Lesion)  Cease (Bad Religon cover) (piano version) 
Dance Hall Crashers  Enough (Live) 
Elliott Smith  Roman Candle 
The Ramones  Teenage Lobotomy 
System of a Down  Hypnotize 
Nirvana  Drain You (Live) 
Green Day  Give Me Novacaine 
Gorillaz  Demon Days 


Hey, this is my first post on this site. In July I was in the hospital and I had to have heart surgery, so while I was in there I was listening to my iPod. I drew up a list of songs that relieved the fear of being in the hospital and also helped to pass the time. These are in no particular order. I hope you guys like it.

PS: I have been in the hospital before, but this was the first time I had to do all the paperwork, and hear what would be happening to me. Scary stuff for a boy of 19. My last hospital visit was when I was 5 and half by the way.


Date: 9/6/2006
hope you are feeling better... good to know that music got another soul through a hard time
Date: 9/6/2006
Scary stuff for a person of any age my friend. Here's to a speedy recovery. Love the Ramones song.
Date: 9/7/2006
This is awash with great songs. Love The Led Zeppelin,Jam and Gorillaz picks. A mix to speed the healin' I think. I wish you well.