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Believe In Instinct - A Bjork Mix

Artist Song
Bj÷rk  Aurora (Music Box) 
Bj÷rk  Hunter (Brodsky Quartet Version) 
Bj÷rk  Mother Heroic 
Bj÷rk  Sweet Sweet Intuition 
Bj÷rk  Pagan Poetry (live) 
Bj÷rk  Possibly Maybe (Lucy Mix) 
Bj÷rk  Hidden Place (Acapella) 
Bj÷rk  Desired Constellation (Ben Frost's School Of Emotional Engineering Mix) 
Bj÷rk  Hyperballad (Subtle Abuse Mix) 
Bj÷rk  Bachelorette (Mark Bell "Blue" Remix) 
Bj÷rk  It's In Our Hands (Soft Pink Truth Mix) 
Bj÷rk  Who Is It (Fruit Machine Mix) 
Bj÷rk  Army Of Me (ABA All-Stars Mix) 
Bj÷rk  Isobel's Lonely Heart (Goldie Mix) 
Bj÷rk  One Day (Endorphin Mix) 
Bj÷rk  J=ga (Buzz Water Mix) 
Bj÷rk  Scatterheart 


This is one my favorite Björk mixes I've made. And that's saying something, because I've made *a lot* of Björk mixes.
Oh, and I have a lightscribe drive now. It's kind of awesome, even if the discs cost too damn much.
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Date: 9/10/2006
A thing of great beauty -- and I'm not just talking about the gorgeous "lightscribe" cd artwork or the woman herself -- no, let me re-iterate and expand slightly -- this mix is a thing of beauty. Please send me all of your Bjork mixes, and we'll say more about it...
Date: 9/10/2006
Did I say "more about it" -- oops, of course I meant no more about it -- or did I? I'm confused -- probably dazzled by the whole thing...
Date: 9/12/2006
isn't it about time we do another trade????
Date: 3/14/2007
i have just made myself aware of this one little icelander's upcoming "Volta" album, and i realized i wasn't nearly prepared enough for the event. i have 7 bj÷rk albums, but exactly 1 track on this mix. i would love love to trade for it, if you're a taker....