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Dragging Along The Ground

Artist Song
Dick Dale  (Ghost) Riders In The Sky 
James Hand  If I Live Long Enough To Heal 
The Corndawg  Pregnant Scare 
Big Black  Bad Penny 
Madeleine Peyroux  Between The Bars 
Morphine  The Other Side 
Shawn Phillips  I'm A Loner 
Man Or Astro-Man?  Of Sex And Demise 
Dan Sartain  I Could Have Had You 
The Sonics  The Witch 
Odetta  He Had A Long Chain On 
Cordero  Come Out With Me Tonight 
Brigitte Bardot  Un Jour Comme un Autre 
Archers Of Loaf  Chumming Of The Ocean 
The Replacements  Buck Hill 
A.L. Lloyd & Alf Edwards  Henry Martin 
Erich The Red  River Song 
Elliott Smith  Lost Highway 
Bukka White  Special Streamline 
The Byrds  Pretty Polly 
Blind Willy Johnson  I'm Gonna Run To The City Of Refuge 
The Ex  Huriyet 
Leadbelly  Where Did You Sleep Last Night? 
Tragedy  [untitled] 


I made this for Kaki King and gave it to her after a show here last week. With any luck she'll listen to it...and not have already heard everything on it.
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Date: 9/19/2006
Nice. Kaki King is cute. I'm checking a couple of pictures of her at Google. Will have to check her music too.