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prequel to a recurring dream

Artist Song
10,000 maniacs  scorpio rising 
bjork  joga 
mates of state  proofs 
peaches   downtown 
mosquitos  forever song 
veruca salt  with david bowie 
death cab for cutie  underwater! 
juliana hatfield  dune 
eric bachmann  carlboro woman 
saint etienne  dream lover 
stone temple pilots  daisy 
tori amos  mohammed my friend 
elliott smith  a distorted reality is a necessity to be free 
ari up  no peace 
pavement  pueblo 
radiohead  lucky 
bad religion  the defense 
archers of loaf  perfect time 
weezer  knock down drag out 
faith no more  the last to know 
david newman/serenity strk  funeral/rebuilding serenity 


i have many many paper pills, thoughts and ideas, storylines and designs, scattered across the wasteland desk like tumbleweeds. sometimes the temperature is right and one blooms and something will come out of it. like a mix from seeing the title written on some crumpled paper, probably from the time where i had a strange epilogue to all my recurring dreams. ive had recurring dreams for years and years and i guess my mind was getting bored with them. anyway, look its a mix.

lets unravel the edge of time.


anthony lombardi
Date: 9/25/2006
now this is a dream i wouldn't mind recurring...
Date: 9/28/2006
looks very awesome, my friend.
Date: 10/15/2006
that bjork song is one of my all time favorites. as well as the radiohead track. oh, and the pavement, too. OH! WHAT? FAITH NO MORE??! very nice.