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a new broom sweeps very well

Artist Song
beirut  postcards from italy 
belle & sebastian  my wandering days are over 
the zombies  the way I feel inside 
the velvet underground  oh! sweet nuthin' 
cat power  could we 
bob dylan  I'll be your baby tonight 
wilco feat. billy bragg  california stars 
rilo kiley  more adventurous 
neil young  helpless 
elliott smith  thirteen 
big star  the ballad of el goodo 
fiona apple  across the universe 
yes  sweetness 
sufjan stevens  concerning the UFO sighting 
of montreal  honeymoon in san francisco 
jesus & mary chain  sometimes always 
coco rosie  la maison de mon reve 


an opus I am quite proud of. hopefully not too trite. it is a gift for someone that I am becoming romantically entangled with, but not every song is a love song. it's better that way, and I like that he knows this.

the title comes from my favorite co-worker, augusto. I was floating around all flowery and dream-like all night and he called it as he saw it. "a new man? he'd better buy you flowers."

"he's wonderful whether or not he comes bearing petals. he paid me the most wonderful compliment ever the other day..."

"well, you know what they say in my country."


"a new broom sweeps very well."

he punctuated this with a knowing smile and a wink, and I giggled uncontrollably.
god, I know. but it's a fine mix.


anthony lombardi
Date: 10/2/2006
i'd be proud of this if i were you too. not only some great artists & great song choices, but an obvious inspirational muse runs throughout & this flows very well. hope this all works out - if this mix is any indication, i'm sure it will.
Date: 2/23/2007
oh sweet nuthin!