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monday mourning

Artist Song
elvis costello  welcome to the working week 
talking heads  road to nowhere 
mates of state  a control group 
tilly & the wall  brave day 
the coral  in the morning 
the vines  factory 
spoon  the way we get by 
belle & sebastian  white collar boy 
wilco  i'm a wheel 
aimee mann  today's the day 
modest mouse  this devil's workday 
they might be giants  twisting 
frank black  black letter day 
rogue wave  salesman at the day of the parade 
the shins  one by one all day 
kings of leon  red morning light 
flogging molly  tomorrow comes a day too soon 
we are scientists  cash cow 
beth orton  live as you dream 
andrew bird  opposite day 
iron & wine  freedom hangs like heaven 
world party  way down now 


weekends are too short & workdays are too long & there isn't enough Guinness in all the land to make it seem fair


Date: 10/4/2006
rogue wave!!!
Little Spencer Boys
Date: 10/5/2006
I love every damn track. I choose teguila (good tequila) over Guinnes, but other than that...