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We'll be fine

Artist Song
Lampshade  We'll befine 
I Walk The Line  Nowhereland 
Interpol  Leif Erikson 
Justin Sullivan  Tales Of The Road 
Katatonia  Deliberation 
The Gathering  You Learn About It 
Paragon Of Beauty  This Impossible Moment 
I Would Set Myself On Fire for You  So This is Our Home 
CocoRosie  Beautiful Boyz 
The Organ  I Am Not Surprised 
Ella Guru  Park Lake Speakers 
Antimatter  Mr White 
Xiu Xiu  Clowne Town (live) 
Editors  Someone Says 
Meiko Kaji  The Flower Of Carnage (DJ Gerry V Remix) 
Stille Oppror  SO2 
The Mountain Goats  Maybe Sprout Wings 
The Mountain Goats  This Year 


A mix about the beauty of dark clouds at an evening in autumn. And about hope. Consider the last song as a bonustrack. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


Date: 10/7/2006
You have nothing to be depressed about. I'll love you and we'll sing about bubblegum and boredom.