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if college nights were poetic, this would be our story

Artist Song
Josh Ritter  California 
Matt Costa  Behind the Moon 
Ryan Adams  The Shadowlands 
Josh Ritter  Beautiful Night 
Matt Costa  Whiskey and Wine 
Ryan Adams  Drunk and Fucked Up 
Josh Ritter  In the Dark 
Matt Costa  Acting Like a Fool 
Ryan Adams  So Alive 
Josh Ritter  Here at the Right Time 
Matt Costa  Desire's Only Fling 
Ryan Adams  Firecracker 
Josh Ritter  Bright Smile 
Matt Costa  Oh Dear 
Ryan Adams  In My Time of Need 
Josh Ritter  Baby That's Not All 
Matt Costa  Astair 
Ryan Adams  Goodnight Hollywood Boulevard 
Josh Ritter  You Dont Make It Easy Babe 
Matt Costa  Moving On 
Ryan Adams  Tommorow 
Josh Ritter  Roll On 
Matt Costa  Sunshine 


This mix is just basically about me discouvering the wildly complex college world... its about boys and life and all those lovely, confusing meetings on Bruin Walk. Its about life as I never new it before. I LOVE COLLEGE.