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iron yay-den

Artist Song
iron maiden  stranger in a strange land [ somewhere in time , 1986
iron maiden  different world [ a matter of life and death, 2006
iron maiden  can i play with madness [ seventh son of a seventh son, 1988
iron maiden  invaders [ the number of the beast, 1982
iron maiden  the prisoner [ the number of the beast, 1982
iron maiden  wasted years [ somewhere in time , 1986
iron maiden  the trooper [ piece of mind, 1983
iron maiden  aces high [ powerslave, 1984
iron maiden  be quick or be dead [ fear of the dark, 1992
iron maiden  murders in the rue morgue [ killers, 1981
iron maiden  prowler [ iron maiden, 1981
iron maiden  tailgunner [ no prayer for the dying, 1990
iron maiden  flight of icarus [ piece of mind, 1983
iron maiden  wrathchild [ killers, 1981
iron maiden  deja vu [ somewhere in time , 1986
iron maiden  duellists [ powerslave, 1984
iron maiden  the evil that men do [ seventh son of a seventh son, 1988
iron maiden  sun and steel [ piece of mind, 1983


iron maiden. rock. and stuff.

i saw iron maiden here in ny thursday night. they opened the show by playing their new album, a matter of life and death , from beginning to end. The entire album. and while its a pretty good album, perhaps their best in 16 years (tho all the songs are pretty long, 4 min +... not a bad thing of course, built to spill's perfect from now on is basically one long masterpice of a song lol) after playing the new album, they then played about 5 or so "classic songs" : fear of the dark, the evil that men do, iron maiden, hallowed be thy name (i think) and one or two others before taking off and leaving an army of pissed off long island metal fans wishing they watched a mets or rangers game (well, i would rather have been watching a knicks game). no trooper? sadness. and while i stand up and applaude at maiden for being artists and being ballsy enough to play the entire album front to back and not just become a souless greatest hits set list band, i have to say i was kind of dissapointed. at least mix the songs up a little lol. or give me some more "classic" songs. they have years of songs im sure they never play live. do a primus and play another set after the full album lol anyway, this is my alternate set list with one new song stuck in there. of course, due to space limitations i had to leave off some songs i woulda liked on there, maybe calling for a second cd, or ill just be ballsy and not make it leave myself dissapointed and wanting more. heh. and nope, no run to the hills. it has officially entered my never want to hear again list, along with billy joel's piano man, jane's addiction's been caught stealing, the ramones' wanna be sedated. heh. hmm, gives me an idea for another mix...


Date: 10/14/2006
For some reason it makes me laugh to find out that you're such a huge Iron Maiden fan. Unexpected!
Date: 10/15/2006
Hats off for some not so obvious classic selections! IM was one of my all-time faves, back in the day. Room was covered in their posters.