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something to hold me in

Artist Song
chappaquiddick skyline  everyone else is evolving 
belly  angel 
the buzzcocks  everybody's happy nowadays 
7 year bitch  hip like junk 
the gits w/ joan jett (live)  second skin 
jeff buckley (live a l'olympia)  eternal life 
elliott smith (live)  yer blues 
r.e.m.  leave 
neko case  bought and sold 
barenaked ladies  blame it on me 
wilco  via chicago 
the verve  the drugs don't work 
guided by voices  now to war 
the smiths  i know it's over 
ryan adams  when the stars go blue 
ani difranco  adam & eve 
tori amos  real men 


so what if you're sad? what does that mean to you? i think most of this strikes some gutteral, instinctual chord deep within me - it all says suffering. from joe pernice's soft and hopeless-sounding croonings to the siren song of tori amos, every single one of these songs just sounds sad. to me. not to mention the inherent sadness of the gits with joan jett long after the murder of mia zapata.
these are the sounds of long nights, too much coffee and far too many cigarettes. these are the sounds of pulling your own hair, clenching your teeth, and blinking back hot tears...


Date: 10/16/2006
Motorhead will perk ya up
Date: 10/16/2006
this is a great mix. it is true tho, motorhead is always good for a perk up.
Date: 10/18/2006
real nice. Neko Case has a voice made for a melancholy autumn depression.