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the scorched earth

Side A
Artist Song
bypass unit  rare bones 
orbital  chime 
fluke  u-six 
cathexis  implant 
future sound of london  we have explosive 
bowie  l.a.w. 
chemical brothers  loooops of fury 
u2  m o f o  
Side B
king crimson  the sheltering sky 
talking heads  d r u g s 
front line assembly  solitude 
skinny puppy  rodent 
ken ishii  echo exit 
astralasia  third uncle 
herbie hancock  sound system 


Made with a "Running Man" sort of world view in mind. The Mix itself was inspired by the cover: a clear example of artistic context driving physical content. When I "snapped" it off a web site, it 'blew me away.' I had to craft it into the familiar 4" x 2.5" size for that little plastic box which holds fragile emotions together in mix form. It reminded me of...the "future, before it got here."
Presented for a time, not far off, when songs like these will be the only evidence of a culture where humans still had a bit of control over their music...before the machines completely took over...ominous undertones..with tiny fractals of hope-like sunshine punching through the veil. Enjoy-!...mix-post # 100.
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Falstaff Dvorak
Date: 4/2/2001
YOURE MIXES ARE KNOW GOOD AND YOURE GLUE SMELLS FUNNY. 100 mixes in under a year, I'm impressed.
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 4/2/2001
i new it's wood bee a risc posting this to the sight, butt i didn't n e weigh.

P.S. my mom/sister rote theses.
Date: 4/2/2001
I would like a T-shirt commemorating the 100th mix :)

A masterly job as usual.
Date: 4/3/2001
whatta.hell.ov.a.mix.I can dig it.