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CD | Mixed Genre
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It's a pity people get obsessed with Strawberry cheesecake, not with curing cancer.

Artist Song
Cat Power  American Flag 
Animal Collective  Grass 
Lucky Dragons  Fake is Forever  
Prefuse 73  Busy Signal 
Liars  Broken Witch 
Farrah Holly  Law of Life 
Lightning Bolt  CAPTAIN CAVEMAN 
Primal Scream  KILL ALL HIPPIES 
Animal Collective  Loch Raven 
Throbbing Gristle  AB7/A 
Tea & Toast Band  Dust Settles  
Pavement   Gold Soundz 
Lucky Dragons  Time Division Multiplexing 
Broken Social Scene  Windsurfing Nation 
Coco  Drinking Perfume  
Grain Blanc  Ambient Gallerie 1 
Jamie Lidell  Daddy's Car 
Dresden Dolls  MISSED ME 
Ching Chong Song  Start Yr Engines 
Lucky Dragons  Be Careful What You Do (pt.1) 
Xiu Xiu  Fabulous Muscles 


If this were 3,000,000 B.C., you'd have been killed right away. You'd never hack it without someone else to kill your animals for you.

You don't understand because you were born in 1992. by the time you were 5, you had a Sony Playstation. Everyone had one. When I was 5, Megadrives were state of the art. It's a hell of a difference.

Probiotic with fully functional thesaurus, Wearing shorts on October 15th '06 ("We're not scare-mongering, this is really happening")
You're forgetting already. I haven't used the word extrapolate for months, & it doesn't bother me. The cult section in Waterstones. the most perfect amalgamation yr cells could muster. Wake and feel better already. Not far to go. I'm yours.
I'm full of talk. All these things about me that I'll change. I'm over
No more beer for me.
The possibility that you could die tomorrow, or tonight. You can record yr voice digitally & compose it.
Mix it up, where did you find this?
Someone's got some explaining to do.
Lose your face. Credit card a loft. Wear a mask. Drinkin' drinkin' drinkin' party.
Re l a x Ecologically aware.
Pop POP___________________ oh _____________oh

An overabundance of ambivalence.
this is daft

Stay awake much too late.
I make nocturne. Clunky machine & juicy sweet
All sex no salvation. Don't kill trees You can have both.
Galpharm Healthcare Ltd.
South Yorkshire
S75 3SP
NEW: Parliament now follows Myspace for information.
This is so stupid. I've had a good sulk now. Don't come up the stairs. Leave me alone.
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