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CD | Mixed Genre
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If skulls could speak .. they might say something a little like this ..

Side A
Artist Song
Heavens to Betsy  Monsters 
Cathode  This just In 
The Supreme Indifference  unknown 
Trilemma  Satellite Town 
Huggy Bear  Carnt Kiss 
Slim Moon  Mean 
Trencher  Die Die Die ..... Kalti 
""  When Dracula Thinks 
""  Attack of the Sxe Attackers 
Papa M  Mama You Been on My Mind 
Thomas Moronic  some song 
Kill Me Tomorrow  Black Shifties 
Johnny Foreigner  London Blues 
""  Pete Doherty 
Limp Wrist  Punk Ass Queers 
Red Monkey  Alter Ego 
The Murder of Rosa Luxembourg  A B for a Bee 
Side B
William S. Burroughs  Thanksgiving prayer 
The Boys Next Door  Shivers 
The Fall  Bill is Dead 
The Boredoms  Boredom with God on Noise 
Venetian Snares  12 
Blood Brothers  Fucking Greatest Hits 
Wolf Eyes  Reapers Gong 
Tomahawk  Ca.. Midnight 
Matmos  (illegible print-ed.) 
Daisy Chainsaw  Natural Man 
Agrophobic Nosebleed  Built to Grind 
Nagasaki Shitfucker 216  How Do You Feel? 
The $hit  Mexican Wave of Hate 
Iggy Pop  Little Know it All 
Merzbow  Munchen 
Tom Waits  Martha 


A mix my friend Tom made for my birthday last year, I've been listening to it again today. Described as 34 Painfully hip sex soundtracks. whut. Hope you like lots of yummy vinyl hiss.
check him out: www.myspace.com/thomasmoronic
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