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You Say Potato

Artist Song
Apples In Stereo  The Narrator 
Eagles Of Death Metal  Solid Gold 
Figurines  Ambush 
Viva Voce   From The Devil Himself 
The Starlight Mints  The Bee 
Tom Waits  Goin' Out West 
Devotchka  We're Leaving 
Midlake  Young Bride 
Sunset Rubdown  I'm Sorry I Sang On Your Hands That Have Been In The Grave 
Low  Sunflower  
Air  Playground Love 
If Thousands  Traffic  
Duke Ellington  Diminuendo In Blue And Crescendo In Blue (Live) 
Mark Mothersbaugh  Pagoda's Theme  


This is my November IMP. It has a nice amount of hand claps.
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Mike Eternity
Date: 11/7/2006
Hey, any mix that starts with Apples in Stereo and boasts copious hand-clapping gets an automatic 5 star salute in my book. It also means I'll be going out of my way to find the handful of tracks on here that I don't already know. Bonus points for The Starlight Mints, a great trippy band who I always forget I like as much as I do, and for some lovely "Tenenbaums" action.
Date: 11/29/2006
Cool mix. You rock!