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Tony Hawk forever! (disc one)

Artist Song
dead kennedys  kill the poor 
a tribe called quest  buggin' out 
komeda  it's alright baby 
fishbone  question of life 
the white stripes  fell in love with a girl 
bad brains  attitude 
reagan youth  no class 
untouchables  nic fit 
descendents  im not a loser 
nofx  bob 
the misfits  devilock 
minor threat  small man, big mouth 
flipper  ha ha ha 
bad religion  pitty 
hepcat  penny reel 
quicksand  unfulfilled 
enon  disposible parts 
me first and the gimme gimmes  wild world 
method man & redman  da rockwilder 
the slits  shoplifting 
elastica  in the city 
dance hall crashers  cold shower 
annie  chewing gum 
mosquitos  domesticatada 
faith no more  everything's ruined 
that dog.  old timer 
shudder to think  abysmal yellow popcorn wall 
hot snakes  think about carbs 
tubeway army  my shadow in vain 
m.i.a.  bingo 



31. ladytron - international dateline

ive been meaning to do this for years (im talking 8 years ago lol) a mix of songs to listen whilst playing tony hawk's pro skater as it was called back in the day. with this week's release of the extremely buggy and patch needing Tony Hawk Project 8 , here it is. a multi disc playlist of songs, some i used to listen to when i was younger and i would actually go outside and skate (i wasn't very good) and some that i just wanted to listen to. now if only there was a way in the game to recreate that old ray barbee deck i had when i was 15...


g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 11/11/2006
Kewl! My son plays Underground 2 & American Wasteland and, while I have engaged some of the parental control modes (and stricken several vile songs from the play-list), he can wail and kick just about anyone's rear-end in competitive play. The sound track's a great blend of old & new tunes.