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Tony Hawk forever! (disc two)

Artist Song
nofx  what's the matter with kid's today 
descendents  suburban home 
black flag  nervous breakdown 
rage against the machine  mic check 
bad brains  you 
mosquitos  footsteps 
wesley willis fiasco  i'm going to kill you 
living colour  middle man 
the cloud room  the hunger 
jay-z  nigga what, nigga who 
misfits  london dungeon 
dance hall crashers  too late 
rainer maria  ears ring 
komeda  happyment 
nirvana  downer 
archers of loaf  bathroom 
dance hall crashers  fight all night 
sleater-kinney  dance song '97 
the replacements  bastards of young 
cellador  leaving all behind 
fishbone  faceplant scorpion backpinch 
wolf parade  we built another world 
lifter puller  rock for lite brite 
veruca salt  victrola 
juliana hatfield  going blonde 
fozzy  the mob rules 
the donnas  hyperactive 
yellowman  the good the bad and the ugly 


ive been meaning to do this for years (im talking 8 years ago lol) a mix of songs to listen whilst playing tony hawk's pro skater as it was called back in the day. with this week's release of the extremely buggy and patch needing Tony Hawk Project 8 , here it is. a multi disc playlist of songs, some i used to listen to when i was younger and i would actually go outside and skate (i wasn't very good) and some that i just wanted to listen to. now if only there was a way in the game to recreate that old ray barbee deck i had when i was 15...


Mark Petruccelli
Date: 11/11/2006
Excellent projest. As much as I liked the background music to the T.H. games, after the 300th play through they do get a little old. Nice energy across these two discs,
Date: 11/13/2006
nicely done! both discs look pretty solidly rockin' and skate-able.
Date: 11/13/2006
Gleam that cube, my fried.