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Crystal, Snatch, Headhunter mix

Artist Song
Front 242 - Talla 2xlc mix  Headhunter 
The Crystal Method  Trip like I do 
Filter - Crystal Method  Trip like I do 
Crystal Method  Roll it up 
Crystal Method  Busy Child 
Front 242 - spacefrog mix  Headhunter 
Garbage- crystal method mix  Paranoid - crystallized 
Overseer  Supermoves 
Mirwais  Disco science 
Olive  I'm not in love 
Klint  Are you there 
Oasis  F*ckin in the bushes 
Front 242- funker vogt mix  Headhunter 
Oakenfold  Xplode 
Crystal Method  Ten miles back 


I mix I made in '04.


Date: 11/15/2006
Wow, this would be a great club or driving mix I think.