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The Car Tapes - Vol. 1: The Clash/The Strike

Side A
Artist Song
Clash  Janie Jones 
Clash  Remote Control 
Clash  I'm So Bored With the USA 
Clash  White Riot 
Clash  Hate and White 
Clash  What's My Name 
Clash  Deny 
Clash  London's Burning 
Clash  Career Opportunities 
Clash  Cheat 
Clash  Protex Blue 
Clash  Police and Thieves 
Clash  48 Hours 
Clash  Garageland 
Side B
Strike  Shots Heard Round the World 
Strike  Yesterday's Heros 
Strike  Clockwise 
Strike  Time For a Change 
Strike  Royal Albert Arms 
Strike  Turning 
Strike  Three Steps Forward 
Strike  Communique 
Strike  Tribute 
Strike  Call of the Wild 
Strike  Fragile Life 
Strike  Ballad of Frank Little 


Side A = The Clash (UK Edition), 1977
Side B = The Strike - Shots Heard Round the World, 1999

Played this tape constantly in my car when I was 16/17. The Strike is one of the finest punk bands I've come across, it's a damn shame more people don't know about them. Excellent political punk...and the Clash, well hell I love them too. Got the UK edition on here, because that's the CD I bought first. The US edition, with "Complete Control," "White Man in Hammersmith Palais," might be better better track for track, but the UK one holds the sentimental value, the vibe, the flow, whatever. I love it.