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As an Angel Runs to Ground: Songs for Mulder and Krycek

Side A
Artist Song
Garbage  #1 Crush 
The Smiths  Please, Please, Please Let me Get What I Want 
Matthew Sweet  Devil with the Green Eyes 
The Eurythmics  Here Comes the Rain Again 
U2  So Cruel 
Depeche Mode  Policy of Truth 
Matthew Sweet  Thought I Knew You 
The Wallflowers  Laughing Out Loud 
U2  Stay (Faraway, So Close!) 
R.E.M.  Everybody Hurts 
Side B
Counting Crows  Raining in Baltimore 
Natalie Merchant  The Letter 
The Wallflowers  Invisible City 
Depeche Mode  Halo 
kd lang  Wash Me Clean 
The Smiths  Reel Around the Fountain 
Rod Stewart  Broken Arrow 
Sinead O'Connor  Sacrifice 
Matthew Sweet  Your Sweet Voice 
U2  One 


A mix of bitterness and betrayal . . . boy meets boy, boy loves boy, boy betrays boy. Boy A stays home and pouts, Boy B goes on the run. There's a kinda/sorta reconciliation at the end, but a very angsty one. I made this mix in 1997 as a soundtrack to some slash fanfiction stories I was writing. Nevertheless it's a great love/hate/love mix for anyone, it's not specific to the couple at hand. The title, As an Angel Runs to Ground, is a line from the U2 song, Stay. Also it's the title of my stories.


Date: 4/6/2001
Mulder and Krycek should have been together. Darn . . . well, there's still Skinner and Doggett. All that slashy-ness aside, wonderful mix. Hopefully my version (for a real-life situation) will come together just as beautifully.
Date: 4/7/2001
Cool, glad you agree. :) Let me know if you want to trade, I can make you a copy of this if it'd be easier for you.
Date: 6/7/2001
heeheehee . . . shippers rule the world and krycek is dead and mulder and scully kissedkissedkissed!
um, sorry . . got carried away there . . good idea for a tape. :)