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warm summer night (dusk 2 dawn)

Side A
Artist Song
Tiger Trap  You're Sleeping 
Little Wings  Sing Wide 
(Smog)  Drinking at the dam 
Bonnie "Prince" Billy  Strange from of live 
the Viking Moses!  Rough Rider 
The Dirty Projectors  Naked we made it 
Destroyer  Here comes the night 
Jandek  Message to the clerk 
D+  Don't worry about me 
The Gift Machine  Piled in a heap 
The Solvents  It doesn't feel like home 
The Microphones  Bass Drum Dream 
Hop Along, Queen Ansleis  Bruno is orange 
Jana Hunter  Restless 
Eric's Trip  Behind the garage 
Adam Lipman  Feathered palm trees 
Side B
Boo Hiss  Comfort 
Nico  I'll keep it with mine 
Vashti Bunyan  Wayward hum 
Vashti Bunyan  Wayward 
Diane Cluck  Heat from every corner 
Joanna Newsom  What we have known 
Vollmar  Lover, won't you bring those berries 
Cat Power  Baby doll 
Devendra Banhart  A gentle soul 
Spencer Kingman  Mortified 
The Sarcastic Dharma Society  Grape Juice 
Thanksgiving  Days 
Dustin and the Furniture  Home 
Jordaan Mason  These ships 
Real Live Tigers  Rest Little Hummingbird 
Shelby Sifers  Just Inches 
Red House Painters  Things mean a lot 
Animal Collective  Banshee beat 
Children Eating Birds  bedtime 


once it stops being -(whatever degrees) here in Alaska, i'm going to find me a cheap boombox from the eighties, pop this baby in, and lay out in the grass in the 24-hour sunlight and relax.
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Date: 11/28/2006
I just love Alaska. and that Red House Painters song.