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CD | Theme - Depression

Lost and Stolen

Artist Song
Beth Orton  Stolen Car 
Betty  Jesus 
Elton John Live With Billy Joel  That's Why They Call It The Blues (Live) 
Cansei De Ser Sexy  Music Is My Hot Hot Sex 
Dashboard Confessional  Stolen 
Emmet Swimming  Fake Wood Trim 
Fiona Apple  Paper Bag 
The Fray  Cable Car (Over My Head) 
Pearl Jam  Better Man 
Radiohead  Lucky 
Stereophonics  Devil 
Tilly And The Wall  Bad Education 
Tonic  Casual Affair 
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Phenomena 
Cracker  Low 



Mike Eternity
Date: 11/29/2006
I can see where you're coming from with that Tilly song, but personally listening to it always makes me giddy, not sad. Most of the other songs on here fit the bill, with a special shout-out to that Beth Orton track