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a radio set on fuzzy

Artist Song
stars  write what you know 
craig wedren  do you harm 
crooked fingers  la maleta fea 
the decemberists  billy liar 
elliott smith  baby britain 
feist  inside and out 
mates of state  i know, and i said forget it 
pavement  here 
go sailor  fine day for sailing 
enon  spanish boots 
the cloud room  hey now now 
the new pornographers  mass romantic 
mosquitos  footsteps 
ryan adams  dance all night 
placebo  slave to the wage 
the shins  kissing the lipless 
juliana hatfield  rats in the attic 
echobelly  falling flame 
fiona apple  the way things are 
clem snide  all green 
uncle tupelo  wipe the clock 
cat power  evolution 


this is a mix for a fellow saint etienne mailing list person for a mystery trade a bunch of us are doing. everyone puts some music they like and another person puts together a mix that they think the other person might like based on said list. we do not know who is doing our mix until we get the mix. anyway, the person i got likes some of the stuff that i do, but its kind of hard to base a mix just on a few things. and so i whipped up this mix, a fuzzy wavelength sent out into the cosmos of what i think the person might like.

i think the first track is a perfect one given how i made the mix and how i roll.

also at this time i would like to give what the kids call props to those who got me into and hooked me up with a bunch of these tracks, as i realize that alot of this stuff someone else pointed me in the direction of. so big ups to brianwrobel, julienerd, pozatronic and a bunch of other people from my past you wouldn't know or really care about anyway.

i'd also like to thank maria bartiromo for giving me sunday morning enjoyment, and the girl who played magenta when i went to go see rocky horror last night for doing the sexy walk in front of me, i appreciated it.
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Pop Kulcher
Date: 12/3/2006
The Mystery Trade concept seems pretty cool. Plenty of faves here (Pavement, New Porns, Go Sailor, E. Smith, Shins, etc.), and enough unknowns to keep things intriguing.
Date: 12/4/2006
Ah, Maria Bartiromo with those pouty lips. Just one of the CNBC babes. Too bad Hef can't talk them into an "In The Money" spread for Playboy. Oh, yeah. Got carried away. Nice mix.
Date: 12/4/2006
Good concept.