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You & Me (& Her): The Simultaneous Mix

Artist Song
Jefferson Airplane  Triad 
Carly Simon  Three Of Us In The Dark 
Bob Crewe Generation  MTnage a Trois 
Alkazar  MTnage a Trois 
Isaac Hayes  Moonlight Lovin' (MTnage a Trois) 
Angela Winbush  MTnage a Trois 
Chef (Isaac Hayes)  Simultaneous 
Prince & The New Power Generation  Loveleft, Loveright 
Ruff Endz  Threesome 
Trick Daddy  MTnage a Trois 
Baby Bash  MTnage a Trois 
Yukmouth  MTnage a Trois 
Ludacris  Teamwork 
Peaches  I U She 
Jane's Addiction  Three Days 
Type O Negative  My Girlfriend's Girlfriend 
Stereo Total  Love With The 3 Of Us 
Little Man Tate  Down On Marie 
The Westside Daredevils  London Forces 
Fenix FX  Threesome 
The Byrds  Triad 


This is a mix I've thought about doing for a long, long time - the Threesome Mix. Ever since I heard "Three Days," I wanted to put this together, but I never imagined I'd find enough songs to fill a CD. After a deep investigation of my collection, along with some serious Googling, I actually came up with enough to fill almost *two* CDs. (This bounty is helped greatly by today's raunchy R&B and hip-hop artists.) And I had a strict cut off - no songs about love triangles, the lyrics had to at least strongly imply a three-way sexual encounter. I'm normally a fascist about cutting off iTunes mix playlists at CD length, but I just couldn't part with most of the songs (this list comes in at 1:40).

I am particularly fond of the bookend versions of "Triad" (I originally considered including another version - live CSN&Y - for a threesome of Triad!), and the Isaac Hayes / Angela Winbush / Isaac Hayes sandwich - her song is the only one in which a threesome is being declined, while Isaac's tracks are *very* pursuasive.


Dougie Fresh1
Date: 12/11/2006
Ah, looks like image upload isn't working. Bummer, I had a very appropriate (yet tasteful!) cover for this. Although I had to turn on Google's SafeSearch to find good source material!
Date: 12/13/2006
This looks like a lot of fun. I particularly love the Stereo Total and Peaches tracks and I forgot that Type O Negative song existed.

Song for consideration: "The Big U" by The Blow
Dougie Fresh1
Date: 12/14/2006
That Stereo Total track is my new favorite. Spectacular!