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christmas with saint etienne

Artist Song
saint etienne  snow 
saint etienne  channelsea 
saint etienne  western wind (demo) 
saint etienne  suburban autumn lieutenant 
saint etienne  sometimes in winter 
saint etienne  lonley margaret 
saint etienne  driving home for christmas 
saint etienne  garsington 
saint etienne  edward undecided 
saint etienne  mr. donut 
saint etienne  russian 
saint etienne  shad thames 
saint etienne  mountain rain 
saint etienne  more statues 
saint etienne  owl 
saint etienne  lost in the library 
saint etienne  language lab 
saint etienne  roseneck 
saint etienne  abby i hardly knew you 
saint etienne  snowplough 
saint etienne  andersen unbound 
saint etienne  come on christmas 
saint etienne  ivyhouse 
saint etienne  statues 
saint etienne  i don't intend to spend christmas without you 
saint etienne  new york skyline 
saint etienne  7 summers 
saint etienne  pudding mil lane 


saint etienne really lends themselves to winter. they just have that thing about them...never mind all the fan club x-mas ep's they put out lol and while a good bunch of those songs are on here...a bunch aren't. Saint etienne also seems to have a few melodies that travel through songs throughout the years (like snow and channelsea, and statues/more statues and shad thames) and those fit perfectly along a snow-y backroad. this cd is just for those moments; when the snow is heavy but not enough so you cant see as you drive, and everything crunches and you have the windows rolled down because everything is silent outside. this cd, is only intended for that night. with the strangely nice weather ny has been having, this cd might not get played for a year or so...


Date: 12/17/2006
yup, they are ever interesting but made more interesting by Sarah C whose looks more than compensate for her vocal limitations. I've always thought their albums uneven affairs & a Best Of that is more than just a Singles or Remix Package is a very good idea. A lovely idea for X-Mas would be to include a snapshot of Sarah C in a suitably seasonal costume. May I be so bold and suggest something in red to set off her blonde tresses. Fine lookin' mix Jab!
Date: 12/21/2006
A most entertaining review of the poptatstic, single masters. I concur with, Dom; a picture of the delectable Ms. Cracknell would serve as a the perfect companion to this mix. Ah well, thanks anyway.