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Side A
Artist Song
ramones  bliztkrieg bop 
the smiths  this charming man 
yeah yeah yeahs  cheated hearts 
blink182  m&ms 
clap your hands say yeah  not by the skin of my yellow country teeth 
morrissey  interesting drug 
danielson  did i step on your trumpet? 
mallrats movie clip  "krpytonite condoms" 
modest mouse  tiny cities made of ashes 
lady soveriegn  love me or hate me 
presidents of the united states of america  lump 
islands  rough jem 
the thermals 
blur  boys & girls 
vetiver  amor frou 
Side B
the clash  lost in the supermarket 
new order  love triangle 
weezer  surf wax usa 
arcade fire  the woodland national anthem 
pavement  stop breathin' 
velvet underground  rock n roll 
violent femmes  blister in the sun 
cake  i will survive 
michael jackson  billie jean 
thursday  understanding in a car crash 
the postal service  brand new colony 


this MINDFUCK of a mix has a lot of random songs to WAKE SOMEONE UP while driving around for their boring job as a florist delivery person.
i really hate thursday, but the person i made this for doesn't.

ps the cover is a "bag" of wonderbread. it looks very cool.


Mike Eternity
Date: 12/27/2006
A strange assortment but the songs themselves are mostly killer (except, indeed, Thursday)