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The Unheard Music Vol. 1

Artist Song
The Boys  I Don't Care 
The Metros  Black Leather 
The Leftovers  I Only Panic When There's Nothing to Do 
No Alternative  Make Guns Not Love 
La Peste  Better Off Dead 
The Headache  No Reason For Your Call 
The Stiphynoids  Afraid of the Russians 
AD's  Living Downtown 
Stiffs  Volume Control 
Impatient Youth  Suburban Boy 
CH3  Wetspots 
Urban Assault  SLT 
Stranglehold  She's Not Leaving 
The Problematics  Bad Habit 


A collection of obscure and under-heard, under-appreciated punk tracks, old and new. I'm still fine-tuning the track order, and might even add a few more songs...I don't know.