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Artist Song
fishbone  give it up 
fishbone  love...hate 
fishbone  fishy swa ska 
fishbone  ugly 
fishbone  alcoholic 
fishbone  pray to the junkiemaker (demo) 
fishbone  skankin' to the beat 
fishbone  housework 
fishbone  ma and pa 
fishbone  skank n' go nuttz 
fishbone  another generation 
fishbone  hide behind my glasses 
fishbone  question of life 
fishbone  party at ground zero 
fishbone  the suffering 
fishbone  date rape 
fishbone  unyielding conditioning 


wow, can you believe the last time i made a mix dedicated to the greatest band that has ever existed, fishbone was well over a year ago? crazy. since i seem to average one yearly, to fill in that gap from last year and to celebrate seeing them four times in the past 4 months (im in ny so im not as lucky as the cali peoples) and the new album "still stuck in your throat", im throwin a few more fishbone mixes into the mix waters.

this is the fishbone workout. one hour of skankin music at it's finest. i find myself alway getting a great workout at fishbone shows, dancin my asses off and sweating and huffin and puffin. and now i can bring this very same workout home wid me!

and just so i dont drop over, i tossed in some slower joints in there as well, like the suffering and hide behind my glasses, slower but totally dance-able to so yous can just keep on goin.

you will never see a better live show than fishbone.
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Mark Petruccelli
Date: 1/15/2007
This made me realize that its been about 14 years since I've seen Fishbone Live (about the 3rd Lullapalooza). Also realized that I own no Fishbone, where would a good place to start be?
Date: 2/21/2007
<3 right back atcha mister jab...