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Songs About Randolph Ave.

Artist Song
Ben Folds Five  Kate 
Ben Folds Five  The Last Polka 
Ben Folds Five  Fair 
Ben Folds Five  Selfless, Cold, and Composed 
Ben Folds Five  Mess 
eels  Fucker 
Ben Folds Five  Hospital Song 
eels  Climbing to the Moon 
eels  The Medication is Wearing Off 
eels  Selective Memory 
eels  Bad News 
eels  Jeannie's Diary 
eels  Electro-Shock Blues 
Louis Armstrong  A Kiss to Build a Dream On 


a story about life, death, love and the mental hospital...just a few things running through my mind. i thought of it while watching the movie Relax...It's Just Sex, which a good movie, though i wish it had more cultural context, but it doesn't hurt the movie all that much. run out and see it!


Date: 3/25/2002
this mix is better than you think.