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Wish You Were Here

Artist Song
Chantal Kreviazuk  Leaving On A Jet Plane 
Eve 6  Here's To The Night 
Finch  Letters To You 
Death Cab For Cutie  Transatlanticism 
Our Lady Peace  Somewhere Out There 
Mariah Carrey  Butterfly 
Peter Gabriel  In Your Eyes 
Staind  It's Been A While 
Damien Rice  Cannonball 
Billie Meyers  Kiss The Rain 
Coldplay  The Scientist 
Pink Floyd  Wish You Were Here 
Nickelback  Far Away 
Red Hot Chili Peppers  The Zephyr Song 
Jimmy Eat World  For Me This Is Heaven 
Simple Minds  Don't You Forget About Me 
The Beatles  Here Comes The Sun 


I'm leaving on a jet plane. Goodbye, tomorrow's gonna come too soon. I want you to know that I miss you and i need you so much closer. I know you're out there, somewhere out there. If you should return to me we truly were meant to be, but whichever way I go, I come back to the place you are. It's been a while but I can still remember just the way you taste. There's still a little bit of your face I haven't kissed, so kiss the rain whenever you need me. Nobody said it was easy--how I wish you were here! You know I have loved you all along. We're gonna live forever. I close my eyes and believe that wherever you are, Angel, you still feel the butterflies. Don't you forget about me. Here comes the sun and I said, "It's all right."


Date: 1/26/2007
And that's the way it is.