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Gimme Fuzz!: Another Journey Through The Revivalist Underground (Valisian Psycle: Part VII)

Side A
Artist Song
The Lords Of Altamont
U.S. - L.A. 
Too Old To Die
To Hell With The Lords Of Altamont (2002) 
The 'Lectric Chairs
U.S. - L.A. 
Joe Cancer
Sparkolounger (2003) 
The Downbeat 5
U.S. - Boston, Massachussets 
99 River Street
The Downbeat 5 (2003) 
Cosmic Kangaroos
Germany - Dessen 
Ritual People
Fun With Mushrooms (1993) 
You Am I
Hi Fi Way (1994) 
Marshmallow Overcoat
U.S. - Tucscon, Arizona 
Psilocybin Explosion
26 Ghosts: The Best Of 1986-2005 (1994) 
The Nomads
I'm 5 Years Ahead of My Time
Showdown! (1994) 
Orange Alabaster Mushroom
Tree Pie
Space And Time (2001) 
The Others
Feel The Time
Teen Trash, Vol. 7: The Others (1993) 
The Pandoras
U.S. - L.A. 
Hot Generation
It's About Time (1984) 
The Cosmopolitans
U.S. - New York City 
(How to Keep Your) Husband Happy
Wild Moose Party: Pom Pom Girls Gone New Wave NYC 1980-1981 (1981) 
Thee Milkshakes
U.K. - Chatham, England 
It's You
19th Nervous Shakedown (1990) 
The Odds
I'll Make You Sorry
Be A Caveman, The Best Of Voxx Garage Revival (1989) 
The Casual Dots
U.S. - Washington, D.C. 
Mama's Gonna Make Us a Cake
The Casual Dots (2004) 
The Satelliters
Where Do We Go?
The Satelliters (2005) 
The Deadly Snakes
Canada - Toronto 
Burn Down The Valley
Ode To Joy (2003) 
Cornflake Zoo
13 Stations
Declaration of Fuzz / An International Garage Band Comp. (1986) 
The Burning Rain
U.S. - Dallas, Texas  
Love Is Like Dying
Teen Trash, Vol. 3: From Dallas, TX (1993) 
The Unclaimed
U.S. - L.A. 
Run From Home
Be A Caveman, The Best Of Voxx Garage Revival (1981) 
The Falling Spikes
U.S. - Eugene, Oregon 
Don't Crowd Me
Teen Trash, Vol. 10: The Falling Spikes (1993) 
Bantam Rooster
U.S. - Lansing, Michigan 
Lawdy, Lawdy
Deal Me In (1997) 
Mono Men
U.S. - Bellingham, Washington 
Skin & Bones
Sin & Tonic (1994) 
The Steppes
Lining So Dead
Be A Caveman, The Best Of Voxx Garage Revival (1987) 
The Mummies
U.S. - San Francisco, California 
Come On Up
Never Been Caught (2002) 
U.S. - Boston, Massachussets 
Busy Man
When I Get Off (1978) 
The Bristols
Introducing. (1999) 
The Prisoners
U.K. - Chatham, England 
Whenever I'm Gone
Children Of Nuggets (Disc 2) (1985) 
Tell-Tale Hearts
U.S. - San Diego, California 
She's Not What Love Is For
High Tide (Big Noses & Pizza Faces): Anthology (1985) 
The Sickidz!
U.S. - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
The Rebel Kind / A Collection Of Garage Rock And Psychedelia (1983) 
Los Peyotes
When I Arrive
Cavernicola! (2005) 
Side B
Plan 9
U.S. - Rhode Island 
I'm Not There
Be A Caveman, The Best Of Voxx Garage Reviv (1984) 
Sound Explosion
We're The Sound Explosion
Teen Trash, Vol. 14: The Sound Explosion (1994) 
Green Telescope
Make Me Stay
Children Of Nuggets (Disc 2) (1986) 
The Fiends
Canada -Vancouver 
Get Yourself Home
Teen Trash, Vol. 12: The Fiends (1993) 
U.S. - Boston, Massachussets 
Tired of Waiting
On Fyre (1984) 
The Unclaimed
U.S. - L.A. 
Run From Home
Be A Caveman, The Best Of Voxx Garage Revival (1981) 
The Chesterfield Kings
U.S. - New York City 
She Told Me Lies
Children Of Nuggets (Disc 3) (1984) 
Wild Billy Childish & Famous Headcoats
Your Crying Means Nothing To Me
I Am The Object Of Your Desire (1989) 
The 99th Floor
Claudette Jones
Teen Trash, Vol. 9: The 99th Floor (1993) 
Mystic Eyes
U.S. - Buffalo, New York 
I'm Glad I Walked Out The Door
Declaration of Fuzz / An International Garage Band Comp. (1986) 
Thee Mighty Caesars
Give It To Me
I Am The Billy Childish (1990) 
Sex Museum
Spain - Madrid 
Drugged Personality
Battle of the Garages - Volumes 1 and 2 (1985) 
The Double Naught Spys
U.S. - New Haven, Connecticut 
You Better Tell Me Now
Teen Trash, Vol. 5: The Double Naught Spys (1993) 
The Splatcats
U.S. - Buffalo, New York 
Down And Out
Sin 73 (1986) 
The Fleshtones
U.S. - Queens, New York City 
The Dreg
Roman Gods (1982) 
The Gravedigger V
U.S. - San Diego, California 
She's Gone
All Black and Hairy (1984) 
The Vipers
U.S. - New York City 
Now I Remember
Outta The Nest (1984) 
The Optic Nerve
U.S. - New York City 
Leaving Yesterday Behind
Lotta Nerve (1986) 
The Crawdaddys
U.S. - Southern California 
Why Don't You Smile Now
Still Steamin'... (1980) 
The Buff Medways
No Mercy
This Is This (2001) 
Meanie Geanies
Anglo Girl Desire
Live (2004) 
Melting Ashes
I'm Melting
Green Fuzz 1987 (1991) 
Milky Ways
Wanna Be With You
Milky Ways (2006) 
Yard Trauma
U.S. - Arizona 
Over And Over
Yard Trauma (The Red Album) (1984) 
Wylde Mammoths
Pretty Baby
Go Baby Go (1987) 
The Gruesomes
I Never Loved Her
Tyrants of Teen Trash (1986) 
Yesterday's Thoughts
Hey Girl
Searchin In Shadows (2002) 
The Ace-Tones
You're No Good
Teen Trash, Vol. 6: The Ace-Tones (1993) 


The Valisian Psycle: An ongoing series of mixes inspired by (and in Tribute to) Valis; a means of saying "thank you" for his tireless promotion of present-day psychedelic music and for the numerous psychedelic publication recommendations he has made during the time I have come to know him.The Psycle gets a bit more expansive, following up the "mixed" feel of the previous five Mind-Melt Listening Broadcasts with three stylistic explorations.This volume provides another glimpse of the tough, sleazy, brash, manic, rebellious, party-hearty spirited artists within the Garage Rock Revivalists Scene. And, returns to similar stomping grounds explored during a previous mix, entitled A Rockus Affair: 57 Songs from the Revivalist Underground. But, there is one major difference: this one goes to 58!As with others mixes in this series, Valis has been kind enough to continue posting links via his Trip Inside This House blog. And, a big thank you to him for doing so!And, lastly, for those looking to find out more about these and other like-acts, may I recommend you spend some time perusing the wondrous website, The Garage!As always, enjoy!!!
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French Connection
Date: 2/1/2007
Hee hee , never thought I'd say, "Good to see the fuzz!" Can't wait to check this out.
Date: 2/1/2007
Delectable. :D
Date: 2/1/2007
an awesome tribute to my brother from another mother VALIS; can't help but be jealous that it was musicgnome rather than i who created this thing o' beauty!
Date: 2/1/2007
I believe that both you & Valis should be responsible for compiling a future Nuggets Box! Tremendous series!
Date: 2/2/2007
Yeah! I know one! I LOVE PLAN 9. There was a night back in my radio days when I got to see three bands at three different locations. We had New Bohemians at a club, David Lee Roth at the auditorium and Plan 9 at another club. Plan 9 stole that night. I had already been well into them from the Pink Dust record series and was raving about them while sitting at the bar. Good thing, too 'cause it turned out it was the band members I was sitting next to. Absolutely love to see their name on any list, and it being here only makes it better.
Date: 2/5/2007
Almost all unknown to me but that certainly wouldnt put me off. Great looking mix Chris.
Date: 2/5/2007
Akin to choosing "your favorite kid," this one ranks very HIGH, (pun intended), as a meisterwerk overview of the full-on fuzz-a-delia! VOLUME!
Date: 2/21/2007
Wow. turns out this was the baby I was downloading the other day when I though I was getting hold of your latest. but what luck! it's a monster. great from start to finish, but the tops are The Nomads, Yesterday's Thoughts, The Bristols and The Steppes.
Jim K.
Date: 3/21/2007
What a blessing this mix is! It reminds me of nights I spent walking though Greenwich Village in the '60's, where you'd leave one club to go to another just across the street and when you were halfway across, you'd hear two (or more) bands, playing songs sounding ever so much like these (alas, now lost to the dust of time), creating a sonic vortex of electric energy, distortion, inner/outer music, Summer's heat and flowering lysergia. Great to see the Pandoras and the Ace-Tones here and I could listen to "Hey Girl" by Yesterday's Thoughts all night long! An all around super mix having both quantity and quality. I tip my luminescent top hat to you!