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Cassette | Jazz
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Cassette | Theme

roller queens

Side A
Artist Song
clip from kill bill  bang bang 
L7  slide 
clip from 9 to 5  i'm going to change you from a rooster to a hen with one shot 
southern culture on the skids  love-a-rama 
boss hog  winn coma 
clip from some like it hot  why do i always get the fuzzy end of the lollipop? 
pizzicato five  twiggy twiggy (twiggy vs. james bond) 
clip from harold and maude  are you uncomfortable meeting new people? well, i think that's a yes 
the muffs  no action 
atari teenage riot  sick to death 
clip from mulan  would you like to stay for dinner? would you like to stay forever? 
the selecter  on my radio 
clip from welcome to the dollhouse  you are not leaving this table until you tell your sister that you love her 
butter 08  9mm 
lunachicks  heart of glass 
clip from talking record for girls  spankings aren't any fun, even if we do need them sometimes 
le tigre  nanny nanny boo boo 
clip from the thin man  you asleep? yes. good, i wanna talk to you. 
the shitbirds  baby what's new 
clip of gilda radner  being feminine means being fresh and clean 
the stooges vs. salt 'n' pepa  no fun push it 
i'm coming over 
clip from fargo  i just think i'm gonna barf 
the amps  empty glasses 
Side B
clip from faster pussycat kill kill  you wanna prove something chickies 
the runaways  cherry bomb 
clip from valley girl  you're mom is so bitchin' suzie 
the donnas  dancing with myself 
hole  violet 
clip from annie  oh my goodness 
sleater-kinney and fred schneider  angry inch 
clip of margaret cho  grandma and grandpa gonna die 
bjork  i miss you 
clip from the rocky horror picture show  i don't like men with too many muscles 
babes in toyland  sweet '69 
josie cotton  sheena is a punk rocker 
clip from whatever happened to baby jane  i didn't forget your breakfast 
daisy chainsaw  dog with sharper teeth 
clip from ghost world  this is so bad it's almost good 
combustible edison and esquivel!  miniskirt 
elastica  stutter 
clip from breakfast at tiffany's  i'd buy some furniture and give the cat a name 
thee headcoatees  give it to me 
m.i.a.  bucky done gone 
clip from sixteen candles  she's gotten her boobies 
joan jett and the blackhearts  bad reputation 


newly hatched rollergirl inspired mix
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The Cuckoo
Date: 2/3/2007
Inspired, indeed!
Date: 2/4/2007
Wonderful clips. Wonderful selections. Wonderful graphic.