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CD | Theme - Depression

Songs That Drown Out The Voices

Artist Song
Sonic Youth  Schizophrenia 
NoMeansNo  The Day Everything Became Nothing 
Soft Boys  I Wanna Destroy You 
I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts 
Sonic Youth  Disconnection Notice 
Swans  She Lives 
Residents  Edweena (Excerpt) 
Phil Ochs  The Scorpian Departs But Never Returns 
Ozzy Osbourne  Diary Of A Madman 
They Might Be Giants  Where Your Eyes Don't Go 
Dead Milkmen  I Against Osbourne 
Robyn Hitchcock  Idonia 
Luis J. Rodriguez  Concrete River 
Counting Crows  Roud Here 
M. Gira  Blind 
Residents  Epilogue (Excerpt) 
The Clash  I'm Not Down 


This mix documents my mental Illness; I suffer from schizoaffective disorder. It is a narrative--in a non linear aesthetic order--from my first psychotic break up to the present, more rehabilitated me. When I am sick, I tend to gravitate towards certain songs. When I hear voices--at one time or another--these songs have been racing through my brain.


reno dakota
Date: 2/4/2007
This is a really incredible mix. Some of these tracks just frighten me slightly (I'd be interested in knowing which portion of those Residents tracks you put in). Overall, though, this sounds like a really awesome piece of work. Good job.
Date: 2/5/2007
Date: 5/4/2007
Phil Ochs was schizophrenic as well.