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just might get some sleep tonight

Artist Song
ani difranco  pulse (14:15) 
pj harvey  horses in my dreams (5:37) 
ryan adams  blue sky blues (5:18) 
hope sandoval & the warm inventions  on the low (5:11) 
the cure  to wish impossible things (4:43) 
sarah slean  universe (4:14) 
coldplay  we never change (4:09) 
the smiths  asleep (4:09) 
cat power  the moon (3:45) 
ida  encantada (3:36) 
the eels  the stars shine in the sky tonight (3:31) 
iron & wine  each coming night (3:26) 
tom waits  midnight lullaby (3:26) 
willie nelson  home motel (3:15) 
grant-lee phillips  sleepless lake (2:50) 
m. ward  lullaby + exile (2:44) 
azure ray  rest your eyes (2:34) 
the 6ths  as you turn to go (1:57) 


my submission for the Mixies winter '07 trade. the theme was lullabies. i chose songs that i could listen to again & again in the dark & listed them simply, from longest playing to shortest.


Date: 2/9/2007
ti credere amo,great mix cuz
Date: 2/10/2007
this looks very good.