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human soup for the cannibal's soul

Artist Song
the ramones  bad brain 
nicolai dunger  hunger 
dirty pretty things  blood thirsty bastards 
operation ivy  healthy body 
ben harper  please don't talk about murder while i'm eating 
blind melon  skinned 
fiona apple  the first taste 
misfits  braineaters 
the cure  a man inside my mouth 
flaming lips  chewin the apple of your eye 
old 97's  big brown eyes 
rufus wainwright  harvester of hearts 
elvis costello & the attractions  human hands 
the lemonheads  no backbone 
toto coelho  i eat cannibals 
hole  jennifer's body 
pearl jam  severed hand 
simian  skin 
magic numbers  long legs 
brendan benson  flesh & bone 
mohave 3  to hold your tiny toes 
iron & wine  teeth in the grass 
flogging molly  may the living be dead (in our wake) 


i work in a bookstore & was chatting with a coworker as he scanned our self-help section & came to the "chicken soup for the soul" books. of which, there are TONS. a title for almost every niche in the population. we questioned however the absence of a, "vegetable soup for the vegetarian soul" though & after that came up with as many alternatives as we could for those groups left out, "smile soup for the EMO soul" was good, but we both agreed that "human soup for the cannibal's soul" was a favorite. i decided to make him a mix. putting together a collage for the cover art was just as fun as making the mix itself (there are some famous parts in that soup, Gene Simmons' tongue, Michael Stipe's ear, Frank Black's skull...)
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smoke and wine
Date: 2/13/2007
This is a really cool idea, and the mix looks great.
Date: 2/13/2007
Date: 2/14/2007
i dig the mix, and my friend actually just did a pencil drawing of internal organs in a bowl for art class (called "bowl of fruit")

very nice