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An exodus of birds from the trees, lakes, rivers, fields, forests, deserts, swamps, jungles & oceans

Artist Song
Sarah McLachlan  Blackbird 
The Byrds  Turn! Turn! Turn! 
Erin McKeown  Blackbirds 
Nirvana  Plateau 
Pearl Jam  Given to Fly 
Ani DiFranco  In the Margins 
R.E.M.  King of Birds 
Indigo Girls  Chickenman 
Poe  Fly Away 
Ani DiFranco  Animal 
Beth Orton  Worms 
Erin McKeown  Air 
Bobby Day  Rockin' Robin 
Artist Unknown  The Chicken Dance 
Indigo Girls  Starkville 
Ani DiFranco  Independence Day 
David Gray  Birds Without Wings 
Cat Stevens  Into White 
Tom Waits  Fish & Bird 
Indigo Girls  Fly Away 
The Beatles  Blackbird 


I set out to make a mix about birds: the creatures themselves and the meanings we humans ascribe to them. Here is the result. At the very least, my friends were amused and I have something enjoyable to listen to now while I'm watching the birds fly and scuttle about. The title is a play off of a lyric from Ani DiFranco's "Independence Day".
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Date: 2/14/2007
Nirvana - "an illustrated book about birds"!

Clever mix.
Date: 2/15/2007
I like bird, by the eels. Ditto on Mixxer's comment.
Date: 2/15/2007
I like birds, my bad.