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uh huh

Artist Song
The Toadies  Possum Kingdom 
Melvins  Lizzy 
The Old Ceremony  Our One Mistake 
Hawksley Workman  Your Beauty Must Be Rubbing Off 
Imogen Heap  Hide and Seek 
The Beatles  Something 
Mary J. Blige  Real Love 
David Bowie  Changes 
Sufjan Stevens  Sister 
Thao Nguyen  Fear and Convenience  
Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers  Mary Jane's Last Dance 
Weezer  Waiting On You 
Velvet Underground  Sunday Morning 
Wolf Parade  You Are A Runner, And I Am My Father's Son 
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Maps 


Songs for the drive. Some encourage thinking. Some encourage speeding. Some encourage singing off-key at the top of your lungs. They all relate to a narrative which I don't care to recount here. But it's a good one.


Date: 3/8/2007
This is a great mix!
I would definitly listen to it while driving.
Date: 3/8/2007
i really really love tracks 1 and 12. i've loved them for about 10 years and doesn't look like it'll chance. if you can sing along to the toadies, i salute you!