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oh, the tales i could tell!

Artist Song
magnetic fields  absolutely cuckoo 
my bloody valentine  when you sleep 
yo la tengo  sugarcube 
os mutantes  baby 
the pink mountaintops  tourist in your town 
andrew bird  a nervous tic motion of the head to the left 
the konki duet  il fait tout gris 
black heart procession  release my heart 
blue states  theme from within 
m83  fields shorelines and hunters 
blonde redhead  down under 
air  the world hurricane 
pale saints  kinky love 
broadcast  illumination 
trex  lofty skies 
john cale  cleo 
bow wow wow  fools rush in 
man man  ice dogs 
the velvet underground  crimson and clover 


i had to orchestrate the atmosphere somewhere. each sideways glance built the mountain deeper and higher within me. should i have given this to him? maybe he secretly likes to climb mountains, that's all. one can wonder, and she may always return glimpses with darting eyes inevitably knowing exactly what they are looking for. [for justin]


Date: 3/14/2007
this is really nice. good mix!