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Other Mixes By Dr. DOOM

Cassette | Alternative - Punk
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Theme

laugh, cry and sing a long on empty streets

Side A
Artist Song
Built To Spill  goin against your mind 
Strike Anywhere  prisoner echoes 
Knugen Faller  demokrati 
Ted Leo And The Pharmacists  a bottle of buckie 
The Shins  australia 
I Walk The Line   the man without a name 
Schneller Autos Organisation  zwei im sinn 
The Weakerthans  a new name for everything 
The Cardigans  give me your eyes 
EA 80  heilbutt 
The Bloodhound Gang  foxtrot uniform charlie kilo 
The Lillingtons  black hole in my mind 
The World Inferno Friendship Society  so long the circus 
Side B
Tim Barry  idle idylist 
Meneguar  hands off 
The Down And Outs  our way or no way 
Bound Stems   excellent news, colonel 
The Extraordinaires  the ongoing struggle 
Scared Of Chaka  bad looks 
The Thermals  st. rosa and the swallows 
The Bomb  bring the shotgun 
Satanic Surfers   13 
Tuesday   to much of today 
Trend   unsere mission 
Heavens   gardens 
Backstabbers Inc.  even slaves will be swimming in the blood of the iron fist 
Regulations  anna's eyes 
Against Me  searching for a former clarity 


bloodhound gang and backstabbers on one tape...