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i.c.k. 15- The final chapter...back where we began

Artist Song
living colour  auslander 
bad brains  don't need it 
shudder to think  take the child 
quicksand  clean slate 
sheer terror  here to stay 
black sabbath  the wizard 
led zeppelin  heartbreaker 
nirvana  lounge act 
pearl jam  porch 
faith no more  falling to pieces 
billy idol  cradle of love 
red hot chili peppers  catholic school girls rule 
p.m. dawn  in the presence of mirrors 
black crowes  twice as hard 
aerosmith  simoriah 
tribe called quest  buggin out 
misfits  demonomania 
soundgarden  face pollution 
iron maiden  flight of icarus 
r.e.m.  so. central rain (i'm sorry) 
tears for fears  head over heels 
black sheep  the choice is yours (revisited) 
fishbone  change 
smashing pumpkins  bye june 


in the not too distant future, (next sunday a.d.), jab, by way of the i.c.k time machine, finds himself sent back to his youth, 1993 to be exact, where he encounters his young 16 year old self. the world does not erupt, the universe does not collapse. 30 year old jab tells 16 year old jab that things will be ok, but nothing that he thinks it will be. Young jab hands old jab a mix tape and goes skateboarding, positive oldern jab has sold out. Old jab laughs, partly because he's experienced this before, and partly because the mix isnt far off from what he listens to still.

this is that mix, carried through time from an age when everything in my life was going nuttz and the music, much like now, keeps me sane as i run on the hamster wheel. as mix that defined 90-93 and just emerging and coping with liff for me, this is it.

I wonder what the young me would think of the mix i give him?


Date: 3/17/2007
For a good part of 1993, I was 14 years old and finding that my taste in music was changing... not very rapidly... but just quick enough to realize I couldn't saturate all that I wanted to, especially that I was learning about new types of music. Add the Cure, the Cranberries and Nine Inch Nails and this would be a lot more similar to my 1993 list. Add in a little band called Archers of Loaf who I just heard of (back then) and things will get crazy. I don't know how my 14 year old self would react to a mix I made NOW, I think it might blow her mind. Er, at least a little. The things I'm listening now are just steps away from what I was listening to then. Makes me think about how many more steps I have to take for future listening.