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Chris is a Sad Bastard :(

Artist Song
The Afghan Whigs  When We Two Parted 
American Music Club  If I Had a Hammer 
Beck  It's All in Your Mind 
Bedhead  Left Behind 
Carissa's Wierd  September Come Take This Heart Away 
Cat Power  I Don't Blame You 
Dios  Fifty Cents 
Elliot Smith   Speed Trials 
Grandaddy  Underneath the Weeping Willow 
Low   Shame 
Modern Lovers  Hospital 
Modest Mouse  Baby Blue Sedan 
Morrissey  Seasick, Yet Still Docked 
Neko Case  Margaret Vs. Pauline 
Nirvana  Something in the Way 
Pavement  Stop Breathin 
Red House Painters  Grace Cathedral Park 
Sparklehorse  Saint Mary 
Sunny Day Real Estate  Guitar and Video Games 


I set out to create the saddest mix in the world. This mix, in my opinion, is pretty fuckin' miserable.


French Connection
Date: 3/19/2007
Chris you sad fucker, how's tricks? Sad as it is I'd would love to hear this if you fancy a trade?
Date: 3/19/2007
You got it French Connection! I'll trade it for "I'll Shudder then smile." Just make sure you don't listen to this mix with razor blades around.
Date: 3/19/2007
Alphabetical order, eh? Looks like you made some great, very appropriate picks here... particularly your Cat Power and Beck choices. Can't go wrong with RHPainters for this type of mix, either.