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Of Course You Can Have A Bite of my Vegemite Sandwich, Aussie's Rock!

Artist Song
The Celibate Rifles  The Paddo Sharps 
The Celibate Rifles  I Shoulda 
The Celibate Rifles  Wake Up 
The Celibate Rifles  World Keeps Turning 
The New Christs  Another Sin 
The New Christs  Coming Apart 
The New Christs  Sun God 
The New Christs  I Saw God 
Radio Birdman  Murder City Nights 
Radio Birdman  New Race 
Radio Birdman  We've come so Far (To be Here Today) 
Radio Birdman  Connected 
The Saints  (This) Perfect Day 
The Saints  Lipstick on Your Collar 
The Saints  No Time 
The Saints  Do the Robot 
Scientists  Atom Bomb Baby 


Here are some ass kicking Aussie tracks.


Date: 3/20/2007
The Celibate Rifles! Nice!
French Connection
Date: 3/21/2007
Top mix, though my fave Aussie band are 'Ther Pubert Brown Fridge Occurence,' I'll send you a copy of their album during our next trade.